Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Catch Up- Amsterdam

Ok, so we've been home a few days but I have NOT yet gotten back into the swing of things. This trip really taken it out of me and I'll be completely honest and tell you I haven't picked up my camera in days. I think I'm not feeling too hot about my pictures from the trip and generally feeling down about photography. I'm also feeling pretty physically exhausted out from our trip. Three countries in 8 days with a toddler and being 6+ months pregnant is rough (thankfully I have a pretty amazing Hubby). I decided to recap my trip with my top 5 pictures per city, and then start back with Day 118 tomorrow. :) Enjoy!

Here's Amsterdam!

Andy and Jackson at the Rijksmuseum. We had beautiful weather our whole trip. Anywhere we could let Jackson 'roam' was wonderful. Even if it smelled a little 'funny'.

 This pretty much sums up Amsterdam: Bikes and Canals

 On the canal boat tour.

Wooden shoes. Yes, we now own a hideously-touristy pair.

Honorable Mentions (because I have a hard time with rules and limitations, even self imposed ones):

 Jackson and I at the Rijksmuseum. I love these pictures Andy took (there are a few), and the story behind them? Jackson was all over the place, wandering, meeting people, picking up trash. The only way I could convince him to be in the same frame as me was to bribe him with fruit snacks.

Love this picture of Andy.

This is a picture I set up and had pictured in my mind. You know- kinda maternity-esque shot, but with miniature wooden shoes :). I originally wanted it by a canal but we were exhausted so we took it on our balcony.


Candi said...

Beautiful the ones of Jackson

Tracy said...

AWE! All great shots!

Karin said...

Very cute maternity shot! Those wooden shoes are really funny.

I'm sorry you're feeling down about photography, and not so great about the pictures you took on the trip. I understand that feeling, because when you travel you have expectations of taking stunning photos of the amazing sites you're seeing. And sometimes you don't. But they are still very interesting pictures to look at, because most of us haven't seen those things in person:)

You're right- that picture of Andy is a really good one!

I really like the bike shot.

Susan said...

These are great! I love the one of you and Jackson sitting in front of the Rijksmuseum, and the maternity shot. I think you did a great job with the photos :)

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, that photo of Jackson on the boat is AMAZING!! Please frame that, it's just beautiful. I love all of these, seriously. I'm so sorry you're feeling down about photography. I have to tell you though that all these photos you've posted are seriously breathtaking and I am in awe. You did a wonderful job. Sometimes we just get burnt out and need a break. I totally understand. Rest up my friend and hopefully you'll get your creativity juices flowing again. Take care! :)

Erin said...

I went to Amsterdam way back in the day (1999) know, before digital cameras. Looking at your pictures reminded me that when I got mine developed I had gotten a shot with some guy on the street picking his nose!

Don't feel down - your pictures are fantastic!

Flower Photography said...

I think you did great and especially with a little one in tow! I love your pics the last one is so sweet! Thanks for sharing with us!

Tracy said...

I think your photos are beautiful! I love that last one! It is so great to see that you took the time to make sure you were in some of the photos!!