Friday, May 6, 2011


No new pictures for today, but I am participating in a couple of challenges. Check them out below!
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These pictures are from last summer. Nothing better than snuggling up for a nap with this.

Flashback Friday with Jen at 525,600 Minutes.

Flashback Friday

Simplicity Photography Challenge: Feet.

This is the 'story' this picture tells. (Copied from my blog, June 10, 2010)

After a bit of a dip in my milk supply I made it my goal to nap with my baby every day.

Here in Germany air conditioning is uncommon, and we certainly don't have the luxury. Not that I'm complaining (yet). It doesn't get terribly hot but it does get plenty warm. This week our highs have been in the mid 80s. Just hot enough to be a little sticky, but not hot enough to be miserable.

We both drift off to sleep together after nursing. I love the sound (and feel) of the oscillating fan as I snuggle up with my little one. I love the soft blue sheets on our king sized bed. I love the sunlight streaming through the skylights. I love waking up to this warm little body 'stuck' next to me.