Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 36 revisited

For those of you that asked about my edit yesterday: I took this picture early in the morning in our kitchen (yep, I was sitting on the counter). The lighting came out kinda funny, so I went with black and white. I used Pioneer Woman's PW BW. I never realize how dark my vignetting is on a full sized image until I see it scaled down in a smaller version. I re-edited this and the edge burn is still a little dark. . .lol, oh well. I played with the Gradient Map layer and added some color back in. Which do you like better? Yesterdays, or todays? I think this picture is so sweet and I'm going to take Susan's advice and put it up somewhere :)


new edit

**I also ran my image with Noiseware before editing


Candi said...

I like the previous black & white

Karin said...

Nice work!

They both look really good, and would each grace your wall so nicely, but I personally like the slight color of the new edit.

Ingrid said...

I like the second edit. :)

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Precious. Love the new edit.